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Friday, 25 April 2014

Catching Up!

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything here. A quick update on what’s been up with me:

On the upside, among “other” things,
  • I chopped off my hair. I've had medium length hair for as long as I remember, and now it’s all gone. My hair barely reaches my chin now. I haven’t had hair this short since class 3! It feels good, to step out of my comfort zone. Never thought this would be such a liberating experience.
  • I got my tattoo designed and I know where I want to get it done from. Should have gotten it already, but it’s been getting delayed because of unavoidable reasons.
  • Health holding steady, and the Black Dog is also under control for the most part. Progress, definitely.
  • Took a awesomely fun trip to Dubai.
  • Formally joined an Animal Welfare Organisation  as part of the management.
  • Started jogging in the morning.
  • Lot more work in office.
On the down side,
  • Lot more work in office
  • I've been quite irregular with my photography. Not been posting regularly on my photo blog.
  • Not been regular with blogging either.
  • Not been spending time on artsy craftsy stuff, creative project of the month has been a bummer.
  • Not been regular with Yoga and exercise.
Now that I've taken stock of the situation, let’s see if I can do better going forward. New post coming up soon!


  1. U r going for a job and now u also saying u r not doing yoga or exercise.. :O

    1. Ah see, "regular" is the key word here. Jogging has happened like three times so far, in as many weeks. And yoga....less than that :(

  2. I agree with Red.. You go for a jog and you do yoga and exercise.. Well, hope you get to tit soon.. :) Waiting for your next post.. :)

  3. Hey soul sister, its me again..just read your post and thought of careful with the tattoo part..the reason for this is tht recently i met someone who got a tattoo inked and had severe side effects..just be careful..

    1. Hey soul sister, super seeing you here again :)
      I will do full research on the tattoo artist and place before getting it done!
      And how's The Search going? Any more Mr. Collinses?? Though we both know, he's one of a kind ;)

    2. Hey soul sister..I just got over with one more episode..This one was just so opposite to what I thought it would be. A professor in UK. I went ahead thinking him to have the professorial qualities (fyi I am a doctoral student who plans to be a prof in a year or two)..turned out out to be even more desperate than the Mr. Collins we know.

    3. Ouch! Keep the faith and the strength soul sister!

  4. Wow..hectic work plus travel plus jogging!

    I wish I could cut my hair really short..hubby will kill me!:)

    1. Erm....I think I over sold the jogging bit :D:D:D


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