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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ten Reasons Why Being Thirty-Two and Single Sucks

If you had asked me when I was 22, I’d have been sure I’d be married by 28 or 30, at the most. But here I am, 32, and still single. To be honest, this isn't something that bothers me so much. Remaining single has been my choice, given the pool I've had to choose from. Yet, sometimes, I wish I wasn't. And here’s why:

1. You need to take care of yourself. 
Whether you are sick, or upset, had a bad day at work, caught in some problem – you end up dealing with all of it alone. Yes, there are friends and family, but it’s not the same. Having someone to take care of you - that’s a pretty great feeling. That’s something I do miss. 

2. Men think you’re desperate and ready to settle for the next idiot that comes along. 
True story. That geeky/nerdy/loser guy from college who never spoke to anyone, especially girls – even he will ask you out.

3. You need to plan for your future, financially and all that. 
There are a lot of big decisions you have to take, like buying a house or car, investing for your future. You need to take all these decisions yourself, and deal with the repercussions alone. It’s easier when two people are sharing the burden of making these decisions.

4. People never tire of pointing out that you're still single and asking you when you'll marry.
“It’s your turn next (it’s been “my turn” for about 8 years now!).
“When do I get to partake in your wedding feast?”
“Your biological clock is ticking, better hurry up.”
“You’re the only one from our batch who’s not married.”
“Your next visit to us must be with your husband.”

5. You also get copious amounts of unsolicited advice. And some pity.
“You should not be so rigid in your preferences.”
“You should give that guy a chance.”
“You should consult this astrologer.”
“I’m sure you’ll find someone soon.”
“Don’t worry, the right guy is just around the corner.”

6. You get set up by "well-wishers". 
Whether family or friends, they always think they know the perfect person for you. And there’s no easy way out of it.

7. Suddenly, having cats makes you a stereotype. 
I've been a cat person since I was a kid. One of my earliest photos is a one year old me holding a kitten in my hands (I’d have totally posted the pic here if I didn't look so retarded in it. And if a certain someone hadn't made fun of me when I showed it to him). Over the years, I've had about 30 cats in all. And suddenly, I get stereotyped for this, the minute I turn 30!  NOT funny.

8. You often end up being the third wheel or the fifth wheel or the seventh wheel at parties and dinners. 
Even if the people you’re out with are really nice and not nauseatingly lovey dovey, this can get tiresome.

9. You get invited to a LOT of weddings and baby birthday parties. 
It’s that time in life when your friends, batch mates, co-workers, cousins – pretty much everyone other than you and a handful of people – are getting married. So you end having to go to all these weddings and baby showers and birthday parties. I hate weddings and I don’t like kids too much either. So you can imagine my plight.

10. Horror movies!! 
Well this one might not be universally true, but it’s important enough for me to make this list. I can’t sleep alone if I watch a horror movie. Not even a glimpse. Being single and all that, I’ve missed out a lot of horror movies of late. I especially wanted to watch The Conjuring, but alas, the prospect of having sleepless nights for weeks after watching the movie made me desist. There’s a whole list of horror movies waiting to be watched when the elusive Mr. Darcy is found!

But hey, every cloud has a silver lining, right? In my next post, I’ll try to find ten of ‘em silver linings and talk about the other side of this coin - why it’s great to be thirty two and single.

Till then folks!


  1. SharedKittyKeeper:

    Your writing style is really great, funny mostly but touches the serious notes too. Case in point - Reason 3.. I loved that you bought that up, I've never thought of that, and it is so true!

    Btw, that list of horror stories i'm so painstakingly compiling is at your disposal!! For a fun romantic first date??

  2. I had written a little similar post. I gave 10 reasons why I want to get married. Waiting for your next post. :)

    1. Is it? Are we on the same page? Do tell me where I can find that post!

    2. Here is the link :)

  3. And I was about to do a post on why one shouldn't get married at 24 :)

  4. :( It was a reality check for me . I hate doing things alone and had almost gotten used to it.. But now I wanna read about the benefit of being single! :D :D waiting for your next post!

    that picture you've put, that was my wall paper for the longest time I remember! :D :D

    1. Well it's not all bad read the next post!

  5. THANK GOD, I am not a cat person.. :P

    1. Aww no...being single is the good part (pls read the next post) and cats are the better part :D

  6. When I was in a long-term relationship, the being sick thing didn't really make a difference...he was too worried about catching the germs! So yea, I'd have to be a sook on my own and feel sorry for myself. {I think I see why he's an Ex now!}

    The stereotype about cats annoys me {given I have 2}. Must admit, the third, fifth or in my case, 7th wheel is annoying. That's what pushed to make new friends last year. As for planning for the future, it's interesting but in a weird way, I was already doing that. I have bought my own place {and owe a shitload on mortgage} and bought my own car....did it all on my own and trust me, you feel really proud on being able to do that.

    1. Oh, good you dumped him then (I do hope it wasn't the other way round!). Yayy on your cats, I have two too! And yayy on the house, I'm yet to do that.

  7. Hmmm...point 1 is theoretically correct but when you have a need to take care of the baby...hubby will not bother whether you are fine!!

    LOL on the last hubby is terrified of horror movies so I haven't seen a single horror movie after and my sis love horror movies!

    1. Hmm so point 1 is temporary :)
      Lol about your hubby and horror movies....poor guy!

  8. Mr Big Shot Celebrity PhotographerFebruary 04, 2014 3:40 pm

    Point 7 - Who is the insensitive rascal who made fun of you?

    1. He's this obnoxious guy I insensitive no? I'm scarred for life :(

  9. I married at the age of 35 and a half. Because I found the solitude a bit burdensome. Wanted company. And got a wonderful one, thankfully. There were no doshas in my stars! :)

  10. Great post! I'm also 32 and single...have no idea what year you wrote this post. Just wanted to say I appreciated it, and your honesty. I agree with your reasons why it sucks. ALL my friends are married. Even kids I babysat at age 12 are married and have kids. WTF? Half the time I feel like something must be wrong with me that nobody wants me...and the other half of the time I am SO sincerely glad that I don't have to put up with any male bullshit. (other than my 2 dogs.) I always wanted kids...that's honestly the hardest part. I've dated over 100 men and I can honestly say I only thought about marrying and having children with about 3 of them. People say I'm picky. I'm just honest. I'm not committing to the rest of my life with someone who doesn't deserve me and neither should you my dear.

    1. Yes...the who has to live the life has to make the choice right? Hope you find someone wonderful soon Kelly :)


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