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Monday, 13 January 2014

My Wishlist for 2014

I’ve never been one to make any New Year resolutions. But this year, I felt I was at a sort of cross roads in my life. There are a lot of things I want to do, some things I want to avoid. But rather than make a resolution list, I’m making a wish list - because not all of it is in my hands. And those things that are in my hands, I could do without the pressure of them being called “resolutions”. That sounds so strict and rigid. I’d like to come back to this wish list on January 1, 2015, and see how I fared.

So, here’s my wish list for 2014:

1. Get healthy. 2013 was a really messed up year for me. I suffered from multiple health issues, stemming primarily from an unhealthy lifestyle. I had to be hospitalised multiple times, and take a long leave of absence from work. This has to be my primary focus in 2014, eat healthy, exercise, and never again underestimate the importance of a disciplined healthy lifestyle, or it’ll come n bite me in the a**.

2. Get rid of the black dog. Or, at least, get him under control. For those you don’t know this back dog, here he is.

3. Regular yoga and exercise. For the sake of the above two points.

4. Start the long delayed blog. I’ve been writing random stuff for years now. Started a blog a few years back but gave up after one post, didn’t think anyone would read it. I feel I have a lot more to write about now, and it’s time to type ‘em up and put ‘em out there. Que Sera Sera.

5. Travel to at least three new places this year. I’m a total traveloholic and in the last three years, I’ve tried to visit at least two new places every year, understand new cultures, and meet new people. This year I’m being more ambitious, I’ll try and do three. A Dubai trip seems to be on the cards, and I’d love to visit Cambodia soon.

6. Spend more time and effort on my photography. Another one of my loves, which was sorely neglected last year. Must put in more time, more effort and let the depth show in my work. Visualize a story behind each photo, rather than just click a pretty shot. Post at least one image per week on my photo blog.

7. More proactive involvement in animal welfare. I love animals and have been involved with an animal welfare organisation for two years now. It’s about time to take this up a notch, and execute some specific ideas I have in mind.

8. Give up non vegetarian food and leather products. This stems primarily from the animal welfare point of view. For a long time I’ve felt like a hypocrite, on one hand rescuing dogs and cats, and eating chicken and fish and lamb on the other. I’ve justified this to myself in a lot of ways, but it is time to make a more serious commitment to something that has become a big part of my life. No more double standards.

9. Get that tattoo! I’ve wanted this for about 6-7 years now. One major reason I didn’t get it was my fear of needles. But what with all my health issues last year, the number of needles I faced could have easily given me two tattoos!! So no more fear of needles. The other reason – I never found the right design. A permanent tattoo…HAS to be one that you’re completely convinced about. And thanks to my flat mate, I believe I’ve finally found it. So, it’s time!

10. Get a promotion at work. It’s been more than a year in this wonderful company. I used to be a workaholic for the first six years of my career, rapidly climbing up the corporate ladder, but ended up neglecting almost all other aspects of my life. I believe I’m living a fuller life now, giving more time and attention to things other than work that are important to me. However, the ambitious workaholic in me has begun to nag, so this year I will work really hard towards a promotion.

11. Try and bump into Mr. Right. This, right here, is why this is a wish list and not a resolution list. This is really not in my hands. And if you’ve read my other posts, I’ve met all sorts of Mr. Wrongs till now. It’ll be such a nice change to write a post about Mr. Right. So, dude, better come and find me soon.

12. Be more creative. This is so therapeutic, it relaxes me. Whether it’s painting a bottle or making origami or quilling or fabric painting – I will undertake one such project each month and post a picture on this blog.

13. Get back in touch. I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting my friends and family for a while now. A lot of reasons come to mind for not staying in touch, but it’s not really the right thing to do. So this year I will get back in touch with all those people who mean something to me, and stay in regular touch. Okay, strike that “regular”.

14. Book reviews and quotes. I’m a voracious reader, and usually discuss the books I read with friends etc. I’m going to start writing reviews for each book I read going forward. I will also make a note of any worthy quotes/passages, and keep track of them on this blog.

15. Feel a sense of purpose each day, each week, and all year long. This has been the elusive white rabbit in my life for years now. I feel there is always something absent, something I’m not doing right, a sense of contentment that is missing. Here’s hoping I’m less lost and not so clueless next year!

A little late for this, but Happy New Year!!


  1. That's a pretty clear wishlist you have out here!
    So I did visit, and then realised you started much recently, so y entire intrigue about us being similar 4 years ago remains an intrigue :)
    Ooh, me wants tattoo too! In fact I have my tattoo kinda picked. Do you know what you want?

  2. This post tells me so much about you! :) I pray you have all of this come true...wishes and resolutions.. happy 2014 :)

  3. Good luck with your list, TTS. I wish you tick off all these next year.

  4. Wishlist is better than resolution - at least, we are not so upset when we don't keep up (some of them) :) I don't have new year resolutions, but I take up resolutions as and when I've decided to do something. One thing I've missed in the last year was traveling - should catch up with it, this year! All the best with your wishlist - may all of them come true :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. Here's wishing you lots of exciting travels this year! :)

  5. Hope you are able to attain all your wishes :) I also have exercise on my wish list. So far been able to stick to it! Wish you luck!

    1. Great, I've been cheating though. Just been able to do two days a week. :(

    2. Nice list. I hope you get all of this in the new year and some more.
      If you are really planning to revisit this list at the end of the year then i would suggest you put numbers in as many of the points as possible. (eg. no of sick leave from work could measure point 1)

    3. BT: Valid point. Will try.

  6. SharedKittyKeeper:

    This is a wonderful list, touching all aspects of life. Wish you loads of luck with the everything, specially number 2.

    I'm so glad you are doing number 12!! Those home projects deserve it ;)

    1. Thanks SKK. Let's hold off opinions on #12 till we see the finished product, shall we? You did see the ugliest flower in the world, didn't you?!

    2. SKK:

      Hint Hint. Month end coming up.. Did you think I would let this one go? :)


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