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Friday, 6 May 2016

The One With Mr. Needy

This poor, much-neglected blog had been needing attention for a while now. While I’d love to blame it on a writer’s block that has been stifling my creativity, the sad truth is that I’ve just been equal parts busy with other things and too lazy to get down to writing.

Anyway, here’s a story that happened a few years back. I’m gonna call this guy Mr. Needy.

My parents are contacted by this guy’s folks, who all live in Mumbai. The profile looks good on paper, good family, guy working in an MNC, nice looking etc. I usually insist on a couple of emails or chat first, before moving on to phone calls, but this guy’s mom insists on phone calls only. It seems this guy is not much of an email person. Weird.

Day 1:

My parents pass on my number, and this guy calls me during work hours. I take a break and speak to him for about 15 minutes. It's a good talk, we seem to hit it off well. We both talk about how awkward this is, about work, the usual small talk. We agree to talk again the next day.

Day 2:

He calls me at around 11 am. We speak for a couple of minutes, and then he has to hang up as some work thing comes up on his end. A few hours later, I am in a meeting and my phone vibrates. It’s him. I am presenting something right then, so I cut the call and resumed my presentation. He calls again. I cut it again. And then a third time. So I just put the phone on silent and put it face down on the table, and continue my meeting.

After the meeting, I have three missed calls and a text, “Why are you not answering?”
I text back, “Was in a meeting”
He says, "I was wondering. Anyway, you could have texted me."
I am annoyed and starving, I just say, “Going for lunch, talk to you later.”

A few hours later, he calls again. This time I talk for a bit, but it is a busy day at work so I hang up quickly.

He messages me at 2 am that night, “Are you asleep”?
Of course I am. I don't even see the message till next morning.

Day 3:

He calls again when I am in office. We speak for about half an hour. He tells me he had never had a girlfriend, but he does drink occasionally. He is okay with any confessions I make. Not a bad conversation, but feels kinda draggy. The guy is definitely over-enthusiastic.

This is a very long day for me, and by the time I leave work it is 9 pm. It’ll be 10.30 by the time I get home. He wants to talk, but I am exhausted. I tell him we will connect later.

I get home, have dinner, and get ready to hit the bed. I get a message, “What are you doing?”
Me: Hitting the bed. Long day.
Him: Can we talk?
Me: I’m sorry but I’m really tired. Let’s connect tomorrow.
Him: Okay.
Fifteen minutes later, my phone rings. Of course it’s him. I answer. He’s like, "How are you feeling?"
Me: I’m tired. Can we talk tomorrow?
Him: Of course. I just wanted to talk to you once. I wanted to hear your voice and make sure you didn’t forget mine.
Me: Huh?
Him: It’s been a while since we spoke.
Me: We spoke today. In the morning.
Him: Okay, I think you are tired.
Me: That’s what I’ve been telling you all this while. I’m sorry but I’m going to bed.
And I hang up.

Day 4:

He calls in the evening.
Him: You hurt me yesterday when you didn’t want to talk. I was waiting to talk to you.
Me: See I need some space. I told you I had a long day. You were being too pushy. I expect you to understand if I need some time out.
Him: Still, you could have talked just for some time. I have an urgent problem that I really wanted to talk to you about and you were just not listening.
Me: That’s not what you said yesterday.
Him: You said you were tired so I didn’t tell you.
Me: Okay, what’s the problem?
Him: I’m wondering if I should continue in the same line of work or should I look for another job in a different domain?
Me: I’ve known you for like 3 days. I’m not even sure what you do. I don’t think I can advise you on this. Won’t your family/friends know better?
Him: My friends know me too well, but I want an objective opinion. Since you don’t know me at all you will give me an unbiased opinion.
Me: I think it’s important to know you some to advise you about this. Why don’t you give me some background on what you do, why you want to change?
Him: Just for a change. There’s nothing much to tell as such.
Me: You really think this is an urgent problem and I’m the right person to advise you on this?
Him: I only wanted your ideas on this. Anyway, how was your day?
We speak for a bit, but I am pretty annoyed with this conversation. To me it seems like he made up this story just to cover up for his “don’t forget my voice” gaffe.

Day 5:

By now our conversations are no longer about getting to know each other, it is more of an awkward attempt to understand what the hell is going on in the other person’s head. Clearly, he's expecting a certain level of petty attention and mushiness that I am not capable of. And I am expecting more space and time, which doesn't seem to be his cup of tea.

Him: I’m upset today. Mom’s not talking to me. I was out with some friends last night and had a few drinks. She doesn’t like that and now she is not talking.
Me: Don’t tell her you had alcohol. Or tell her you’re an adult and can handle yourself.
Him: She should understand all this. I can’t behave like she wants me to behave. I have my own life to life.
Me: Hmm.
Him: I really wanted to talk to you about this. I’ve been upset all day. I didn’t talk to her at lunch also.
Me: Uh….okay.
Him: Now she's also not talking to me and sulking. It's very irritating. I need independence.
Me: Why don't you talk to her. 
Him: No. It'll be okay in some time. 
Him: I was supposed to come to your city sometime next month for a project. I’ll prepone it and come next week. I want to meet you.
Me: I’m not sure. Don’t plan just for this yet. Next month sounds better, we will have some time to just get to know each other.
Him: We can do that in person. I really like you.
Me: I really need more time. I think next month makes more sense, we’ve been talking for hardly 4 days now.
Him: See I need to see the person I’m talking to. I can’t get the right feel on the phone. I need to be able to touch the person.
Me: What??
Him: No not touch like that. I didn’t mean that. Like I want to just meet you and see you.
Me: Okay look, I need more time. It seems to me like there’s a lot of difference in how you and I handle things. I don’t like to be rushed. And frankly, you're being a bit pushy.
Him: Yes but I want to know you. You need to know me. There is so much to talk.
Me: And that can’t happen on the phone? I’m just asking you to put your trip off for a bit. Let's take it slow.
Him: Sorry, I can’t carry on like this. It won't work for me.
Me: I think we have reached an impasse. It’s probably better that we end this here and part cordially.
Him: Yeah. It was nice knowing you. Bye.

Day 6:


Day 7:

I get a text from him, "I think we should give it another try. I think we are well suited for each other. Can I call you?"
Me: I don’t think so, I think we made the right decision.
Him: Are you sure? I think I deserve another chance.
Him: How was your day? I had a very bad day. I have some major problems coming up at work.
Me: I hope you figure them out. But I don’t think I want to take this forward.
Him: Okay

Day 8:

He calls me in the evening. Same stuff on the phone. I give the same responses. And hang up politely.
Then he calls me again. I don’t answer. He calls me three more times. I’m distinctly uncomfortable now.

Day 9:

Three more missed calls.

I finally message him, "I’ve told my parents that this is not working out, and they will communicate the same to his parents. Please stop calling me. It’ll be awkward for my parents to tell your parents to ask you to stop calling."

That finally did it. I haven't heard back form him again. Can't say I have any regrets. 

Monday, 2 May 2016

2016 Already!

So, it’s 2016 already and I’ve done a shoddy job of maintaining this blog!

Part of the blame for that goes to my job, which has become a lot busier and demanding, in a good way. The other part of the blame, as always, goes to my laziness.

So, here’s a recap of what’s been happening (I’m not sure if anyone out there actually cares, but I’d like to maintain a timeline. Maybe I’ll come back to this blog in ten years and reminiscence).

I’m now 34, still (kinda) single (more on that later, maybe). But hardly any pressure to meet guys now. I like the fact that I’ve been left to figure this out on my own. The cycle of meet and greet guys was not at all working for me. No regrets. 

Work is way busier, owing to the much needed and awaited promotion I got last year.

I adopted another pet, and now I’m a proud mom to two bratty boys. Struggling to not give into temptation and get more of ‘em.

Zero travels due to unanticipated and unavoidable reasons. L

Need to work a lot more on fitness and creative pursuits.

I’m not sure how many more stories I have that I can share on the blog. Three for sure, but after that I’m not sure what I’ll be posting. But given the regularity with which I have been posting, I think we’ll be set for another three years :D:D

Look out for a post in this week!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

I Have a CopyCat!

So turns out there's someone who has ripped off one of my posts, made some subtle changes and passed it off as her own. I'm not sure what can be done about it. I've already left a comment and asked her to pull it down.

Any other ideas?

Original post:

Copied post:

So how did I happen to come across the post? Well, the plagiarizer very kindly started following my blog. When I logged in I saw I had a new follower and checked their blog out, I usually reciprocate such things. And then I saw it, posted yesterday. Not the most brilliant plagiarizer I guess.

Update: No response to my first comment requesting the post to be taken down. I did some research and was directed to a thread on Indiblogger. Based on that I filed a legal legal notice with Google under DMCA and commented on the post saying as much, and that the blog might get taken down by Google if the post isn't. And that worked. The post has been deleted! Yayy!!

Even the "About Me" section has been copied from mine :(

Further Update: The entire blog has been taken down, not sure if the person themselves did it or Google did. The person's name on G+ has also been changed. Good thing I took screenshots of the plagiarized content, just in case. 

Monday, 5 January 2015

The One with Mama's Boy

After a looooong line of complete morons, this one guy came along. An agreeable sort of a guy. Actually - a nice, sweet, genuine guy. And also very paavam (bechara in Tamil), seedha saadha.

We started off with emails and chat. It was quite nice talking to him, if a bit dull and unexciting. But given the kind of experiences I’d had so far, it was clear that this guy was not a weirdo. And that in itself merited serious attention - any semblance of normalcy was f*****g delightful. Exciting, appealing, infatuating – all those had become the stuff of fantasy and imagination. Or hallucination.

This guy was all talkative and chatty and eager. A little too enthusiastic actually. We didn’t have too much in common, he was more goody two shoes, and I was, well, me. Still, it was refreshing talking to someone who was honest, considerate and nice. By god, he was even sensible. So the conversations continued.

We quickly established that he didn’t drink (tired one time apparently), didn’t smoke. He was very chilled out about the fact that I do drink and have tried smoking in the past. And of course, he’d never had a girlfriend. Zero experience with girls, didn’t even talk much to them. And I, of course, had a past. To his credit, he was pretty okay with that too, quite accepting of all that.

So despite finding him a bit boring, not having any chemistry with him and not being attracted to him, I continued. I figured all his other qualities must count for something, might as well keep going. Lotsa people get married for “nice”. He was all in, I could tell he quite liked me. The conversations went on about likes and dislikes and interests and life histories. Inconsequential facts were exchanged, as were some relevant ones (not including birth dates – this is important later).

In a matter of a week, we had communicated quite a bit online and by text, but hadn't spoken on the phone yet, though we had each other’s numbers. One day, he kept dropping these hints that we’ll anyway talk on the phone today. I was clueless, and I wondered if this is his way of saying we should take this forward to the next step and start actually talking.

Him: Did you see my Facebook profile?
Me: I went through it when I accepted your request.
Him: So you didn't notice anything?
Me: No, is there something I should be noticing?
Him: No just like that.

A while later,

Him: Did you make sense of my SMSes yesterday?
Me: Which one?
Him: I was actually hinting at something when I said, you’ll probably call today if you sort something out....
Me: Sorry?
Him: There was a SMS I had sent you…though I presumed it didn't make too much sense without context...guess I’m being too cryptic.
Me: Well I don’t have that SMS anymore…so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.
Him: Forget it....

And finally,

Him: I've been trying to hint at something...guess I’ll give up!!! Why do you think my id is niceguy184?
Me (realizing it was 18th April): Oh…is it your birthday today?
Him: YUP!!! Now, does it all add up?
Me: Yeeeeaaaah….but next time just say it? Happy birthday!
Him: Thanks :)
Me: So what plans today?
Him: Taking colleagues out for lunch, flatmate for dinner.
Me: Great. Have fun.
Him: God save my friends who forget to wish me!!! Even if they are out of the country, in full day meetings, not wishing is an inexcusable offense! And of course, it works both ways :) I generally wish people at midnight.
Me: I'm kinda bad at remembering birthdays. And I don’t like to make a big fuss about my birthday either. I sometimes put a reminder on my phone for close friends, and now Facebook kindly sends me a mail every Monday.
Him: Which is why I was reminding you to check Facebook!!!
Me: Talk about beating around the bush!
Him: Well think about it, sounds odd telling somebody, "It’s my birthday, please wish me". So lame. Btw, more than 40 people called me today. Except you. But it’s okay if you don’t want to call.
Me: Erm…it’s not a big deal. I’ll call you.

I did, and wished him a happy day. And he sounded super excited about his birthday. Went all “Omg! Omg! You’re calling! Wow this is such a great surprise. I can't believe you called”. And I was like, yeah…I’m regretting it already. Was tempted to ask if there were pink balloons and a Barbie cake as well. Sigh.

Anyway, since I had started off the phone calls, we spoke a couple of times after that. The second conversation happened when he had gone out of town, visiting his parents. He told me his mom demanded an update about me, how we’re getting along. He’d told her he quite liked me and she started grilling him about me.

Him: I told her you don’t cook. She’s quite okay with it.
Me: Okay.
Him: My mom is cool like that. She’s also fine with you drinking.
Me: What?? Why would you tell her that I drink?
Him: Why not?
Me: I don’t know her, that’s why not. When I tell you something, it’s for you to know. Not go around telling everyone. Especially not your mom.
Him: Come on, I’m close to my mom. And she thinks I drink too, so it’s okay. The only thing she was not okay about was when I told her you had a boyfriend when you were in B-school.
Me: WHAT?? You. Told. Your. Mom. About. My. Ex?
Him: Yeah, don’t worry she’ll be okay about it after some time.
Me: Well I’m not OK about it. MY parents don’t know about that.
Him: Oh sorry, you should have told me that. I didn’t know it was a secret.
Me: When I tell you something personal about me, I expect you to keep it to yourself.
Him: Come on, I tell my mom everything.
Me: Everything?
Him: Yeah, almost. You don’t?
Me: Of course not!
Him: Who do you confide in?
Me: Friends!!
Him: Well, you should have told me. Then I would have kept it to myself!
Me: I didn't think I needed any disclaimers here considering the purpose for which we’re in touch. This is between me and you, and when I tell you something I shouldn't have to think twice. I guess I was wrong.
Him: Not really, but you should have told me. That I shouldn't tell my mom.

Oh gosh. I was quite pissed off at this whole thing and hung up, saying let’s just talk later. And then came the drama queen phase.

Couple of hours later he texts, something about I shouldn't be so angry and he made a mistake and it won’t happen again. I was all like, dude just gimme some space. We’ll talk about this tomorrow

He pinged me on chat the next day, and about 10 seconds later someone at work came to my desk and I couldn't respond to him. And I had to get into a meeting so I responded saying I’ll connect later. He then sent me a sarcastic text, about how I’m not empathetic enough to understand him and he felt really bad that I logged off as soon as he came online. I connected with him a while later, and things just stopped making sense altogether.

Him: Put yourself in my shoes for a minute…I get online and you don’t respond and then you log off.
Me: I was at work and was not able to talk just then. I’m online now talking to you, aren't I??
Him: Yeah, but I just messaged I was online and then you logged off. Just reverse the roles for a minute and see how that feels. 
Me: Look....
Him: I just feel very hurt, it might not be a big deal to you, but you just logged off and it it hurt me feelings. 

Sheesh….what a chick. Dude, seriously, grow a pair!

Me: Look, we seem to be very different people…I’m not sure if that’ll work.
Him: Is that necessarily bad? See, the fact that you are different is one of the first reasons I liked you. It means I won’t compete with you.


Him: In most circles - professional or with friends, I, being the extrovert/entertainer, am generally at the center or thick of things. It’s easier to be friends with people who are not trying to do the same. It’s a natural thing...not a planned response. And people who are similar often get threatened. Only the very mature people remain friends - most become rivals.

Aaaaand there it was…I no longer had to keep pushing and pulling this along!

Me: I’m thoroughly lost here. What you just said doesn't resonate with me, but I do think we're not very compatible. And I know that I shouldn't have told you the things I did.
Him: We agree on something now.
Me: So…I should not have told you what I felt like telling you? What I wanted to talk to you about?
Him: Yeah…see I usually tell my mom everything, I’m very close to her.
Me: Ohkaay. You’re a really nice guy, but I think we have different mind sets, and neither is wrong. 

There was a lot more back and forth, and I just got very tired and annoyed with the pointless talk. Told him again he’s a nice guy, but this won’t work.

He eventually quipped; you know what they say about nice guys....they always finish last. Didn't have the heart to tell him my version - You know what they say about nice guys....they’re not my type.

PS: To his credit, he did message and wish me on my birthday, which was a couple of months after this. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Taking Stock of 2014 and Wish List for 2015

And just like that, 2014 is gone! Along the way, among other momentous events, I turned thirty three, stayed afloat, met some more idiots and tolerated them for the sake of this blog, got a tattoo, cut my hair short, started living alone for the first time in my life, learnt some important lessons and tried to make life more interesting and fun.

Time to review the old wish list and make a new one, eh?

So here’s my success rate for 2014:
  • Get healthy: 90% J
  • Get rid of the black dog: Around 80%. There have been ups and downs but most important - I’m completely off medication. I’d love to keep it that way J
  • Regular Yoga and Running: 30% L
  • Start the long delayed blog: Well, 100% for starting, keeping it going is around 50% K
  • Travel: 50% K...lot of travel but not the kind I had in mind. More of revisiting places for weddings and reunions and funerals.
  • Photography: 20% L L
  • Animal welfare: 95% J L...last year has been an eye opener. I got quite involved in it but right now I'm very disillusioned about animal welfare in India, the main reason being the kind of people I met over the last year. Don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT of people doing a LOT for animals, it’s just that they are horrible to each other. There’s so much of ego, self-righteousness, know-it-all attitude…makes for a lot of unpleasantness.      
  • Non-vegetarian food and leather products: 95% J
  • Tattoo: 100% and loving it! J J
  • Promotion: Bleh L…not happening any time soon. Must look for greener pastures. Things have been boring* and hopeless at work, it's been a super demotivating year.  
  • Mr. Right: Uh…nope. I think I have a better chance of spotting the Loch Ness Monster or meet a unicorn. Come to think of it, that might actually be more fun :D 
  • Creative stuff: 30-40% K
  • Get back in touch: Meh. Not happening next year either. No regrets.
  • Book reviews and quotes: Meh. Not so enthusiastic about this anymore. 
  • Feel a sense of purpose: Cannot quantify this, but it’s been there on and off and kept me moving forward....let's go with a here.

Highlight of 2014: Adopted a disabled little rescue, and it’s been by far the best thing I’ve done all year. JJJ
Lowlight of 2014: People. A lot of my “friends” were such a big letdown. I don’t know if my expectations from them were too unreasonable or they were just being jerks, but I got to see the unpleasant side of some close “friends”. LLL

2015 Wish List 
  • Writing: Lot more blogging and other kinds of writing. Two posts a month at the least. The last post on this blog was 5th May 2014. Terrible L.
  • Yoga and Running: I have a treadmill now, and just bought super expensive running shoes, so this better be at least 80% by the end of this year.
  • Travel: As much as I can manage given the financial state of affairs and the leave situation at work J
  • Photography: Must pick up the camera and shoot more. Learn some good post processing as well.
  • Career focus and growth: Given the stagnation at work I've experienced in this past year, it’s high time I look for options and move on to better things.
  • Animal Welfare: Going to take a break from organizations and people, but continue to do what I can at a personal level. Continue to be almost-vegetarian, and reduce consumption of dairy. What happens to all those poor animals is unspeakable, anything I can do to reduce that suffering will be done.   
  • Creative Stuff: Must keep trying new things.
  • Optimism: Must take each day with a lot more positivity, and keep the negativity and depression away. I realized I've become so much of a pessimist, my entire outlook towards life is changing for the worse. I've never been big on optimism, but given how the last five years have passed, I've become this cynical, despondent, hopeless fatalist. And that’s a terrible way to be, it’s too heavy a load to carry. So here’s me dumping all that s*it right here, and moving on with the hope that I never pick it back up.
  • Expectations: For the sake of my peace of mind and to avoid disappointment and hurt especially from those who I consider close, I shall try to tone down all and any expectations I have from these people.
Cheers to a fantastic 2015!

*Conditions apply ;)

Monday, 5 May 2014

The One With the Hot HR Guy

Any place you go, there are guys. Cute ones, funny ones, nice ones, sweet ones. And then, there is That Guy. You know - the one you get up in the morning and go to school/college/office for. Tall, dark, handsome. Well spoken, articulate. And, in this case, engaged. To be married.

Sigh. The one up there scripting my life continues having his jollies at my expense.

Lemme start at the beginning. Couple of years back, I joined a new company, in a new city. And as is with any new place, one of the most important things for a girl to take stock of is the male population. During my interview process, the HR Manager spoke to me for a bit. Seemed nice, looked about 35, married with two kids types. And somehow, from his name, I assumed he was a Bong. Didn’t really give him a second thought.

Cut to a month later, when I formally joined the company. I noticed a couple of cute guys, but they were younger to me. Lots of short guys – like 5’2’’ short. Lots of married ones. Some sad and desperate ones. In short - it was slim pickings.

About a week later, I overheard the HR Guy talking on the phone - in Mallu. Somehow, the fact that he was actually from the state neighboring my native changed my perspective (not sure why, it’s not like I have anything against Bongs…but more on that one later ;)). I started paying more attention to him, performed the mandatory social network stalking and asked the usual innocuous questions around.

My findings were pretty positive. A much liked guy, into all sorts of sports, trim and fit, came from a good college, tattoos, a year older than me…so far so good. I observed him for a few days, and started having a crush on him. And then came the email – announcing his engagement, and impending marriage.

Down came crashing my air castle. So disappointing. But then, I figured, he’s just engaged, not married. And it wasn't like I had a lot of other choices to distract me at that point. My crush continued, unabated. If anything, it got worse. Not in the sad, upsetting way. But in a fun, giggly schoolgirl way.

Whenever he would stand anywhere close to my desk, the monologue in my head would go something like this – “Omg! He's standing right in front of my desk. Slightly difficult to concentrate. Take a minute. Breathe. Don't sneak a look. You know you look like an idiot peeking at him like that. Phew. He's gone. Better now.” And it would take couple of minutes for my thoughts to unscramble.

And then, we had this ethnic day at office, where our man wore a shirt and a veshti (dhoti) - the dormant South Indian in me couldn't stop grinning in approval like an idiot. I was thoroughly enjoying feeling like a teenager with a hopeless crush again. I sat through entire presentations of his, without registering a word of what was said.

One of those days, I went to get coffee from the machine next to a pillar just outside my office. I was pretty lost in my own thoughts, walked right to the coffee machine. Suddenly, he popped up from behind the pillar, and said, “Hi!” And I froze. For one, I thought I was all alone in that area. And, HE was the last person I expected to see. And, he SPOKE to me. My poor brain couldn't process all of this quick enough. I vaguely knew I should return his greeting, and made a valiant effort. But no sound would come out of my mouth. After looking at him blankly for a few seconds (it seemed a lot longer), I just turned around and walked away. Leaving him baffled, staring at me. Not my finest moment.

After that, I noticed him looking at me carefully a few times. Probably just to judge if I’m actually a tad retarded. Post the coffee incident he must have thought, “She seemed so normal when I interviewed her. Poor girl.” And boy, am I glad I didn't have a crush on him when he interviewed me. Would have definitely not got hired.

This went on for a couple of months. I mostly tried to avoid him, I didn't want to end up confirming his suspicions. But I was still crushing on him. He got engaged, and a few months later, married. I was still sweet on him, though not as pathetically as before.

Like every huge crush, this one also had to come to an end. But oh, what a disappointing end. I’d more or less overlooked all the bright colored t-shirts he wore. Bright green, orange, bright blue, shiny shirts. He seemed to carry it off okay. But one fine day, I got a glimpse of his underwear. Bright blue underwear. With a white pattern on it – birds or flowers or something like that.

I know what y’all are thinking now…how’d I know what color his under wear was? Nothing too exciting, people. At an office outing, our man wore low waist jeans and bent over, allowing the general public a liberal view of his underthings. Now, I don’t deny that a Jockey band peeking out just above the waist of a pair of jeans looks cool. But really, guys, never underestimate the toxicity of bad underwear.

Just so you guys know, it looked something like this:

Gah. And thus, my huge crush, which neither his engagement nor his marriage could destroy, was, finally ruined.

P.S. – As I am penning this post, he’s walking around in office, wearing a peach coloured tee shirt. This peach: 

How the sexy have fallen. Sigh.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Catching Up!

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything here. A quick update on what’s been up with me:

On the upside, among “other” things,
  • I chopped off my hair. I've had medium length hair for as long as I remember, and now it’s all gone. My hair barely reaches my chin now. I haven’t had hair this short since class 3! It feels good, to step out of my comfort zone. Never thought this would be such a liberating experience.
  • I got my tattoo designed and I know where I want to get it done from. Should have gotten it already, but it’s been getting delayed because of unavoidable reasons.
  • Health holding steady, and the Black Dog is also under control for the most part. Progress, definitely.
  • Took a awesomely fun trip to Dubai.
  • Formally joined an Animal Welfare Organisation  as part of the management.
  • Started jogging in the morning.
  • Lot more work in office.
On the down side,
  • Lot more work in office
  • I've been quite irregular with my photography. Not been posting regularly on my photo blog.
  • Not been regular with blogging either.
  • Not been spending time on artsy craftsy stuff, creative project of the month has been a bummer.
  • Not been regular with Yoga and exercise.
Now that I've taken stock of the situation, let’s see if I can do better going forward. New post coming up soon!